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"La Danza de Pluma" (dance of the feather) is today's traditional and most celebrated dance. Gregorio Mendieta Soriano, Esteban Perez and Paz Perez among others created it. It dates back to 1915 when Gregorio "Goyo" Mendieta suggested to his friends the necessity to organize a dance to honor the Saint Joseph.

"Danza de los Listones" (dance of the ribbons) another dance which is the oldest of all. It used to take place when this town was colonized by indians traxcaltecas families in 1591.

"La Danza del venado Emplumado" (dance of the deer with feathers) used to take place during full moon. It was done to obtain abundance and get rid of the bad habits. This dance was a bit desynchronized with a lot of disturbance and exaggerated screaming. A "witch" would be in the center drinking some sort of wine, same that once drunk would talk and tell everyone the errors and bad acts of the male and female indians. This would provoke occasionally the sacrifice of the most perverse.

The dancers would put on top of their heads a deer head, which was sacrificed during full moon to which they paid tribute. They would also use bald eagle feathers because they had the idea that the feathers would communicate to their sister feathers the good dispositions to which the sons of the sun and moon had to submit. This dance would take place at the center of a triangle that resulted from the different indian groups.



Food: La reliquia is a dish made with special sauce, rice, spaghetti, ground beef, and pork or chicken meat. Asado de boda is pork with a semi sweet spicy sauce

Drinks: Agua Miel


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