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          Juan Aldama is located in the northern part of the state of Zacatecas.
Its entire community is 657.47 sq. Km and it has an altitude of 2,023 meters above sea level. It shares border lines with Durango state to the north, Francisco R. Murguia municipality on the east and Rio Grande city to the south, Miguel Auza, Zac. to the west.

          The whole municipal entity is composed of 15 communities, among the most important ones are Juan Jose Rios, Ojitos, Paradillas, Las Norias, Morelos, Espiritu Santo, and Juan Aldama as municipal center.

The city is communicated by Pan-American Highway #49
San Luis Potosi-Zacatecas-Juan Aldama-Torreon.
Public transportation is by taxi and bus.


Juan Aldama's Location

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