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Juan Aldama, Zac. History



          Miguel Cabrera founded Juan Aldama in 1591 with the name of San Juan del Mezquital. Four Franciscans missionaries and 400 Tlaxcaltecas families accompanied him. The city was known with that name until the era of President Porfirio Diaz, which then it became Villa Arrechiga to inmortalize the hero General Jesus Arrechiga, governor of the state at that time.

          In 1824 it was declared a municipality and in 1910 it gets its old name back San Juan del Mezquital. By 1918 it becomes a free municipality by local constitutional ratification. Finally, in 1935 it was designated by decree as Juan Aldama to honor the illustrious leader in Mexican Independence.


Juan Jose Rios, he was one of the precursors of the Mexican revolution. He obtain the rank of General, was governor of the state of Colima, and minister of communications and public works in Pascual Orosco Rubio's government.

Evaristo Perez, He participated actively in the revolutionary movement, He was rewarded for his heroism and was made general. He ordered the construction of Juan Aldama's Municipal Palace in 1894.


Architectonics- Municipal Palace building, "Benito Juarez" elementary school, the old Franciscan convent, San Juan Bautista Catholic Church, Municipal Auditorium, and "Luis Moya" Headquarters.

Historics- Ignacio Zaragoza monument at the square.


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